Convert a colour photo into black and white

Is this tutorial you’ll learn how easy it is to convert a colour photo into beautiful black and white photo with Photoshop Elements.

Orginal image

the black and white result

Step 1: Getting started with the black and white convertion.

Open the photo you want to convert into black and white in Photoshop Elements.
Choose Enhance > Convert to Black and White.
You see immediately a before and after image.

Step 2: Get some help from Photoshop Elements .

To start it is best to choose one of the options at the bottom left corner (under select a style).
For this image you can select Urban/Snapshots.
It is very easy to make some changes to this preselection.

Step 4: Fine-tune the black and white convertion.

At the bottom right of the menu you see 4 sliders: one for red, one for green, one for blue and one to change the contrast.
Sliding to the right for red, green and blue will always make that colour lighter, sliding to the left will make it darker.
The slider for contrast will make your photo more grey, sliding to the left, or will add contrast, sliding to the right.

For this image image I would like to make the red bricks from the castle a bit lighter and the sky can be a bit darker (for a more dramatic effect).
So I slide the red dot a bit to the right and the blue a bit to the left. You can see how much on the image below.

And you get a beautiful black an white image.


On the right of the interface under Cancel is a Reset button. You can always use this to go back to the original settings.

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